Leica IIIc’s 386001-387000 – James Lager

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One thousand Leica IIIc cameras dispatched to at least 18 countries including neutrals Portugal, Spain, Sweden, and Switzerland. All during 1942 with no direct deliveries to the Allies.

Just under 480 units to Leitz agent Schmidt in Shanghai.China in June 1942. Range of serial numbers between 386056-386715. Shipped with 5cm Elmar (LOOGI), 5cm Summitar (LOOQA), or 5cm Xenon (LOOSB).

After nearly five decades of research this 1000 camera batch continues to prove elusive.

Where are these Leicas?

Were most of them consumed during World War II?

From my notes:

386101 to China as LOOQA

386434                         ”

386479                         ”

386569 to China as LOOGI

386277 no entry in delivery ledger

386278                         ”

386588 to the Luftwaffe as LOOGI on 2.4.42 shipment 29653

Do you have a 386001-387000 Leica IIIc you will share with us ?

Contact Sam Shoshan with your observations. (Sam@Classicconnection.com)


Luftwaffen-Eigentum Leica IIIc 386588 delivered 2.4.42


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