Classic Connection guide selling your old camera gear.

Posted by: Classic Connection

When you are finally ready to part with your old camera (film or digital) gear for the latest model, or maybe you wish to switch systems or you just wish to get cash for your old camera,lenses and accessories that have been sitting in your closet or camera bag,

You should contact a company like ours that has been buying and selling used and new camera gear for the past 30 years with 100% positive feedback from consumers.

We buy small and large collections.

Detailing the exact condition of your used camera gear is essential.

Details like camera model name, cosmetic condition, any type of wear and slight damage to any of your gear,,camera shutter count etc, For lenses inspect for scratches or dust with both the front end glass,cleaning marks,haze,fungus. The best way to inspect lens glass condition is to shine light from both the back and front while inspecting viewing;it will give you a good idea as to real glass condition.

Trading in or selling your gear to a reputable company like ours,Classic Connection fine camera and to the owner Sam Shoshan will definitely ease up any fear and apprehension that you may have with the selling process.

Selling your gear on your own will for sure bypass the middleman and potentially can get you more money for your gear. You will be able to control the process and deal directly with the buyer, set up the selling prices etc’ the downsides are finding your buyer, getting paid, advertising, creating the listing & taking pictures of your gear, and avoiding scams etc.

The places to sell used gear like yours can be eBay, Craigslist or Facebook and used marketplace websites. Potential buyers are likely to buy from camera dealers because of the reputation, return privilege,peace of mind and warranty.

What you should know before you sell us your used camera gear,lenses & accessories :

  • We will provide you with a FREE, prepaid Fedex shipping label for inspection & purchase of your gear.
  • If you decide to decline our buyout offer, we will send you back the gear free of charge.
  • Your gear is fully insured with us during shipment and after.
  • We will provide you, based on your description, an estimate prior to shipping your camera gear,lenses and accessories to us.
  • Trade in your used gear,Or sell it to us and get paid immediately with either check in the mail, Paypal, direct deposit, trade-in, or store credit; up to you.
  • We are reputable USA Authorized Leica & Zeiss Dealers.
  • Call us at our Toll free number (888-534-2272) Or email us at Sam@Classicconnection to discuss your camera gear, condition and value.
  • We offer a very fair outright purchase price for used camera gear, such as Leica,Canon,Contax,Hasselblad,Rollei,Nikon,Alpa,Fuji,Olympus,Sony, and High end Watches
  • If you change your mind after mailing your equipment, simply let us know and we will send it back to you at our expense. Equipment is never considered sold until you agree to our purchase offer.

Please note :

  • We offer selling your used camera gear on a consignment basis at a very reasonable rate.
  • We will offer you a buyout price option during the time we sell your gear on consignment basis.The buyout price could be used anytime during selling on consignment basis.
  • We Can Sell your gear for you on Ebay .

When sending us your gear you should send it (Signature Required) to:

Classic Connection LLC.
Attn:Sam Shoshan
2490 Black Rock Turnpike, # 420
Fairfield CT 06825

Leica & Zeiss USA Authorized Dealer

Phone:Toll free:1-888-534-2272

We will provide you with our Fedex account or create a label for you.