NEW: Leica Case S

Posted by: Classic Connection

The new system case will be available as of June 2012.

The Leica Case S is the professional and elegant way to store and transport the Leica S-System safely.

The Leica Case S provides space for following products:
_ 1x Leica S-Camera Body
_ 1x Leica Multifunction Handgrip S
_ 1x Leica Summarit-S 35mm f/2.5 ASPH.
_ 1x Leica Elmarit-S 30mm f/2.8 ASPH.
_ 1x Leica Summarit-S 70mm f/2.5 ASPH.
_ 1x Leica Apo-Macro-Summarit-S 120mm f/2.5
_ 1x Leica Apo-Elmar-S 180mm f/3.5
_ etc.


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