Our new web site Leica & the photography market in 2012

Posted by: Classic Connection

My involvement in the photo industry for over 15 years has given me the opportunity and privilege to both “play” with new and used photo gear and witness the many changes within the photo industry. The digital revolution managed to change the industry forever. Our society has strayed away from film and printing and is now entranced with the new and specialized digital gear. One would think that this digital takeover would cause Leica’s mechanical camera industry to suffer or entirely diminish, but this was fortunately anything but the case. I have seen it within my own company: numerous Leica M&R camera and lenses have sold and our collectible and rare items market has never been better. With connections world-wide, Classic Connection was able to serve clients from the USA, Asia, including Japan and Hong Kong, Europe, including, but not limited to, England,
Germany, and Italy, as well as Russia and the Middle East. Rare items such the following were able to be redistributed world wide:

  • Leica MP black pain
  • Nikon M
  • Leica MP-2 with motor
  • Nikon S2 & SP black paint
  • Leica M3 black paint
  • Alpa gear
  • Leica Proto type’s lenses
    • Leica 50/1,4 Summilux lens
    • Leica 50/1,2 Noctilux lens
  • Leica M2 black paint
  •  Leica Ia with Elmax & Anastigmant lenses
  • Leica copies such as
    • Honor
    • Reid
    • Janua / San Giorgio Genova
    • Kardon

As you can see, Leica is my passion. Being an LHSA member and New USA dealer for many years now, it has been a privilege to be able to sell new and used photography gear. I have had the privilege to meet and serve an influx of knowledgeable and certainly dynamic customers; I am proud to say my job has given me the opportunity to form friendships I am confident will last a lifetime.

That being said, in the interest of protecting Classic Connection’s loyal and beloved customers, we have chosen to redesign and recreate Classic Connection’s web page. Last year, our website was attacked by a hacker; this malicious act forced me to focus on creating an equally as friendly, inviting, and, furthermore, safe webpage in order to continue to outreach to “Leica-lovers”, like myself, worldwide. Coupled with our new webpage look, I have chosen to start a blog in order to formally introduce myself to all new prospective patrons. My name is Sam Shoshan, owner and president of Classic Connection fine camera LLC. Classic Connection prides itself as being a Leica and other high end product boutique, mail-order shop. As I mentioned early, I have been involved in the fine camera industry for over 20 years, 15 of which spent with Classic Connection itself. We are known for our genuine concern for product knowledge—and taking the initiative to make sure your product will be put to the best of uses for your intended purpose. The integrity of this company lays within the core values that the client’s best interest and intent for purchase trumps “making a good sale”. Classic Connection forms long-term relationships both in and out of business; a conscious effort is made to put the clients interest ahead of our own. The only way to do that, in my book, is to remain honest and accurate in description and pricing. That being said, we are not the cheapest out there, but we are also not out of touch with the inline market pricing. My connection worldwide with dealers and collectors gives me the upper hand in finding both rare and regular items. We are also privileged enough to have gained trust within many of our clients to sell items on consignment basis; our rate is only 20% of the selling price.


Sam Shoshan